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We are now running Pixelmon 3.4.0 (Minecraft 1.7.10)
Please download it here:
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NEW* Vote and receive x2 Rare Candy!
- Final{¥}Heaven -
Pixelmon Servers:
Youtuber?  500+ subs?  Apply for PR Staff position!  
* Powerful crash protection
* Functioning Game Corner (Slot machines!) in Goldenrod and Celadon city!)
* Lockette (Protect doors/chests)
* GriefPrevention(Protect your land)
* Dynmap (Live map of the server)
* EVs/IVs side mod
* Mob Arena
* 100% Unique Johto map and Kanto (coming soon)
* Survival AND adventure worlds with multi world support
* Player controlled shops.  Make your own shop any time!

Win Rare Candy, Pokeballs and more at the Mob Arena!
ShanyBaby & Kuwoobie
EricaM05, SKYCREEPER1, Aceheartlove, zzFoxy, Diego4599, Shadowmeire, you1so, morphtronic, HappyGalaxy
PR Staff Positions:
Youtubers: - OPEN -
Facebook Page Manager: - you1so
Tumblr Page Manager: - OPEN -
What does PR Staff do?
[spoiler]PR (Public Relations) Staff has access to our forums and websites.  They have the power to arrange and promote special events on the server whereas special pokemon or items or even real life prizes may be awarded to players who win or meet certain requirements.  PR staff enjoy the benefits of free Master Rank.[/spoiler]
Graphic Designers: - OPEN - 
What are Graphic Designers?
Graphic Designers are needed to help create banners, animated gifs and slideshows, Gym Leader character bios and other original artwork. 
What is a builder?
Builders have exclusive access to the server's supply depot where they may stock up on all permitted blocks and items for building.  Each builder is assigned a specific region to build in or may build in the wild (depending on their project) cities, buildings and landmarks needed to complete or augment the server's adventure map area which can be relocated when completed.  Builders are NOT OP and do NOT have access to creative mode.
Pokemon League Champion (Silver League): N/A
Elite 4 (Silver League)
Gym Leaders:
- Pewter City Gym: (Rock Type) Waveriper35
- Cerulean City Gym: (Water Type) Scarnighthood
- Vermilion City Gym: (Electric Type) OPEN
- Celadon City Gym: (Grass Type) Pinkonion1
- Saffron City Gym: (Psychic Type) Demon_Runner87
- Fuchsia City Gym: (Poison Type) OPEN
- Cinnabar City Gym: (Fire Type) Keono_the_3rd
- Viridian City Gym: (Earth Type) XamRehctarb
- Violet City - flying - Drayok22
- Azalea Town - bug - shot_monkey
- Goldenrod City - normal - Mrmorzan
- Ecruteak City - ghost - pikmin77
- Cianwood City - fighting - Lumus1
- Olivine City - steel - Miniclan123
- Mahogany Town - ice - tommyyellow
- Blackthorn City - dragon - open-
To apply for a staff position, use the template below and submit a staff appliaction!  Submitting an application does not guarantee you a position.  Submitting an application before someone else does not make you more qualified than the person we choose.  Staff are NOT chosen by seniority or based on how long you've been waiting for it.  You will not get a "turn" at being admin, etc.  We will choose you for a staff position if you are QUALIFIED.  Nagging staff for ranks will do nothing but make you less likely to ever have one.  You have been warned.  
Minecraft Username:
What position are you interested in? : 
What experience do you have with said position? (Have you been an admin/moderator/builder before?  If so, where?  Do you battle other players a lot in Pixelmon, on Pokemon X/Y or Pokemonshowdown.com?):
Please provide links, screenshots or videos (or PokemonShowdown replays) of work you have done in the past related to the position you are applying for:
Pokemon Giveaway!
In spirit of the cheer of the season, PokeHeaven will be giving away several shiny pokemon and the legendary pokemon, Mew, to all players (one per player) on Christmas Day!  (December 25, 2014)
Starting at 12:00am, December 25, 2014, Mew, along with several shiny pokemon, will appear under the "Special Event Pokemon" category, completely free!   
Item Giveaway!
Starting today, 12/10/2014, 12:00am EST
Each and every player will receive a plethora of prizes by simply checking the reloading chest under the Christmas Tree at spawn!  The chest will contain a separate inventory of goods for each individual player!  
Trainer_Sora ummm i went to the chest but contained nothing...do i have to wait till christmas?